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Joel D. Heck


My Name and Address
Dr. Joel D. Heck
Concordia University at Austin
11400 Concordia University Dr.
Austin, TX 78726
Telephone: 512-313-5408

Home: 12062 Lincolnshire Dr., Austin, TX 78758

Hobbies and Interests

Travel, computers, reading (especially the writings of C. S. Lewis), biblical languages, outreach, sports of all kinds (especially baseball [favorite team: Los Angeles Dodgers, link here: Dodger Web Page], softball, basketball, football [favorite team: Green Bay Packers, link here: Green Bay Packers] and table tennis), writing (link to my resume on the left), effective teaching, and publishing.


Wife Cheryl, children Peter, Brenda, and Alan. Son-in-law Patrick and grandson Micah Joel.

What I Do

I am Professor of Theology for Concordia University Texas, a school of the Concordia University System and The Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod. My major teaching area is Old Testament, New Testament, and C. S. Lewis. My interest in effective teaching comes especially from an application of Krathwohl's original research on the affective domain as applied in the classroom today, but also from my interest in changing the lives of students through contact with knowledge, especially that which comes from God's Word. I also do some writing, as my resume indicates.

Theology Division

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Leisure Time

To learn about my Table Tennis challenge for students in my classes, click here: Table Tennis Challenge


To read a more complete resume, click here: More Complete Resume

My Classes

To learn more about any of the following courses, which I teach, click on one of the following links:

REL 1311, History and Literature of the Old Testament
REL 3361, The Writings of C. S. Lewis